Fact: U.S. consumers spend more time in digital and social media apps than watching television.

At Fifth Influence, we understand, embrace and celebrate this truth. We create and implement advocacy campaigns using digital performance marketing principles.

Our campaigns rapidly influence constituents and customers on vital issues impacting our clients’ goals. We are your escorts to a digital world of issue advocacy, political campaigning and outright customer marketing that delivers on your critical goals faster and more efficiently than you are practicing today.


A fusion of young, innovative, and celebrated political campaign consultants with seasoned and award winning digital marketing strategy and creative veterans

How We Work

Four chief tenets guide how we operate:

Join in nimble client partnerships
Apply constituent decision journey maps
Balance technology with technique
Employ data analytics for continuous campaign optimization in real-time

Seasoned in leveraging advanced segmentation methodologies and developing and implementing behavioral, data-driven advertising campaigns


Digital & Social Media Strategy

Advanced segmentation methodologies. Behavioral, data-driven campaigns. Influencer, collaborative and remarketing techniques. Bespoke digital strategies for issue advocacy, political campaigning and customer marketing.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

Development and active hands-on operation of integrated digital campaigns across search, social media and display. Clear and detailed KPIs. Regular communication with you on performance.

Content Creation

Paid advertising, organic publishing and website development. Our content creation champions your agenda and moves the needle. Content is the cornerstone of every successful campaign today.

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Adept at content creation that champions your agenda and moves the needle in your desired direction


Advice, data, forecasts, news, opinions and outlooks on the digital world of issue advocacy, political campaigning and customer marketing from the clear-sighted and no-nonsense Fifth Influence team.

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