Family Care Act
Case Study

Family Care Act

In late 2018, Paid Leave for PA, a consortium of non-profits led by the Women and Girls Foundation (WGF), engaged with Fifth Influence to develop a brand and messaging campaign to inform Pennsylvania state legislators and their constituents on the benefit and need for a statewide paid family and medical leave insurance fund.

The messaging strategy needed to support the legislative strategy – applying pressure on swing vote majority party Republican legislators to support the bill. How? Through reaching and influencing their most supportive constituencies.


Fifth Influence first reviewed the existing campaign branding, messaging, materials, website (including analytics), social media presence, etc. as well as the third-party research on general public response to Paid Family Leave. Following this review, we completed a social media listening study examining online chatter in the Commonwealth about paid family leave as well as 400 live interviews. All of this led to the renaming of the campaign and as well the proposed legislation to the Family Care Act.


We produced both digital and broadcast creative for the campaign. Over 280 unique videos were created for the paid social media efforts to effectively engage and influence strategic constituencies in key districts.

A few more of the digital videos are presented below. You may review a greater number of the ads within the Facebook Ad Library.


Utilizing the surgical targeting of swing constituencies in the crucial districts, the campaign was critical in garnering bipartisan sponsorship of bills in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate. Each bill is currently sitting with the respective chambers’ Labor and Industry Committees.

Detailed digital media metrics for the two campaign sprints are below.

Spring 2019 Sprint – Facebook & YouTube

  • 750K digital video views at a cost-per-view (CPV) of only $0.017
  • 1.7MM plus impressions at a CPM of $7.61
  • 8K plus click-throughs to petition & contact legislator action at a cost-per-click (CPC) of $1.66

Fall 2019 Sprint – Facebook & LinkedIn

  • 1.3MM impressions at a CPM of $9.76
  • 9K plus click-throughs to petition & contact legislator action at cost-per-click of $1.35

Individual platform performance for CPV, CPM, and CPC consistently beat the most recent quarterly benchmarks from AdStage for those specific platforms

The team at Fifth Influence are creative, dependable, innovative, kind, and dare I say...selfless? Those adjectives are not all that common to hear associated with a marketing agency, but they are most definitely adjectives that you will hear commonly associated with George Potts and his wonderful team at Fifth Influence. All of us at the Women and Girls Foundation are grateful to the Fifth Influence team for the countless hours of service they have provided to help advance our work to achieve equality for women and girls in our region. The deliberate approach they brought to our Family Care Campaign and end of year fundraising campaigns, demonstrated their team took the time to understand our mission and vision, campaign goals, and core values as an organization. We highly recommend Fifth Influence to any organization or company looking to work with caring creative minds, who will give their all to every client - big and small. We cannot thank them enough for their work and friendship through the years. Heather Arnet

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