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We produce emotive & performance driven social media and digital campaigns & experiences for progressive brands, organizations, and issue advocacy groups

Why Fifth Influence?

You are competing in the time of “communication Darwinism” where eyeballs need to be won via six-second ads thumbed-through in a newsfeed on a 5-inch screen. You're changing the way you talk with consumers and constituents, but the media evolution is happening rapidly and changing constantly. You need a partner who knows how to exercise and command social and digital media to deliver results. This is why I started Fifth Influence.

Other than the legislative, executive & judicial branches of our government, the journalistic media, newspapers, magazines and television, are known collectively as the Fourth Estate. They inform and empower our citizens, enhance democratic value, and are a major part of the advertising industry. The rise of social media changed both the political and advertising environment. Social media is now the Fifth Estate and unarguably more powerful than our mainstream media.  

My agency is expert in utilizing social and digital media to influence behavior, whether to encourage a prospective customer to purchase a product or service or to motivate a citizen to support a cause or candidate. We are an authority on how to leverage the Fifth Estate to create influence. We are Fifth Influence.

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Fifth Influence is central to the success of my campaign. They established the visual brand and developed all the key messaging including "Listening is where the law begins.” The agency designed & built the website, produces all the content and social media marketing, and handles the paid digital media. I’m running for judge on the fact that I am a true helper in our Allegheny County community. Fifth Influence is a genuine collaborator with me and my political campaign team, providing guidance and support that is immeasurable particularly in digital communications.

Matt Rogers
Family Law Attorney & Candidate for Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas

The team at Fifth Influence are creative, dependable, innovative, kind, and dare I say...selfless? Those adjectives are not all that common to hear associated with a marketing agency. All of us at the Women and Girls Foundation are grateful to the their team for the countless hours of service they provided to help advance our work to achieve equality for women and girls in our region. The deliberate approach they brought to our Family Care Campaign and end of year fundraising efforts, demonstrated their team took the time to understand our mission & vision, goals, and core values. We highly recommend Fifth Influence to any organization looking to work with caring creative minds and who will give their all to every client - big and small.

Heather Arnet
CEO, Women & Girls Foundation

Sustainable Pittsburgh worked with Fifth Influence to launch a campaign in late 2019 featuring CEOs for Sustainability calling on their peers to adopt a sustainable business strategy. Despite a challenging timeline, Fifth Influence stepped up to the plate. They were flexible, responsive, and critical to helping us get the project off the ground.

Ginette Walker Vinski
Director of Communications, Sustainable Pittsburgh
How we help


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Channel Specific Strategy & Planning

Distinct objectives & prioritized activities by each target audience segment in easy to digest placemat formats.
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Profile Creation & Branding

Launch or renew your social presence correctly and update it rapidly when user-interfaces are revised.
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Paid Campaign Mgmt, Optimization, & Reporting

A mutual fund mgmt approach where we move money in real-time to the channels delivering the best ROI for the objective.
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Research & Analysis

Social media listening & indexing, Facebook Library ad audits, search keyword trending, paid social message testing, website Google Analytics studies, etc., all enhance marketing message and plan development.
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Content Creation & Publishing

Publishing missions, content pillars, brand personas, long & short-form content, and analytically driven editorial calendars with post copy, images, & videos all optimized for individual platforms.
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Profile Monitoring & Community Management

Disciplined programs run using custom response rubrics and personalized replies that can meet regulatory and legal review reqs when necessary. Options span once a week checks to multiple reviews a day.
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Stay in front of those in your funnel. Increase your conversion rates by as much as 150% & decrease advertising costs by about half. Campaigns use email & paid social/digital retargeting.
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Websites, Landing Pages, SEO, & SEM

Successful campaigns require apt web experiences. If your user experience as well as SEO & Open Graph info is shit, then it’s all for not.
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Education, Coaching, and Consulting

When it comes to facets of digital & social media, it can be more beneficial for us to teach your team rather do it ourselves. Props Lao Tzu.
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“If our ideas scare you, we're doing our job.
We'll help you think outside of yourself."
George Potts
Founder & President
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George Potts

Your Collaboration With Fifth Influence Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our history. Rightfully, our communities and our nation as whole are taking extraordinary measures to combat the spread and impact of the corona virus pandemic. I sincerely hope that all of you are well and managing through the beginning of this crisis as best as possible both personally and professionally.

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Social Media

Facebook Changes The Remarketing Game, Lets Users Clear Internet Tracks

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook (FB), announced yesterday that all users globally now have the ability to clear their internet tracks.This is a BIG CHANGE and may significantly impact proven and effective remarketing efforts using the platform.

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Social Media

Twitter & Google: Issue & Political Advocacy Advertising Cheat Sheet

The fast changing and disparate policies on issue advocacy and political advertising across social platforms can be maddening. To help our clients, we produce cheat sheets on a regular basis to stay abreast of what is and what is not possible on specific social media networks.

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