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Open Primaries PA

Open Primaries is a movement of diverse Americans who believe in a simple, yet radical idea that no American should be required to join a political party to exercise their right to vote. The organization is represented by the Committee of 70 in Pennsylvania and is called Open Primaries PA.

In the spring of 2020 during the Presidential primary election, Open Primaries PA wanted to reach independent and independent leaning voters to bring awareness to the Open Primaries movement and recruit advocates. Fifth Influence was hired to plan and manage the digital campaign.  

Leveraging the targeting power of Facebook and Instagram, we built the campaign to reach both strategic rural and urban communities in the Commonwealth. We utilized Facebook’s own user political engagement data as well as a custom audience of super-voter independents assembled from L2’s voter-mapping service. We also ensured that Open Primaries PA was properly authorized to run political advertising on Facebook and adhered to all disclaimer requirements.

For creative, Fifth Influence used an existing long-form video that we edited into six and 12-second clips optimized for the Facebook and Instagram Newsfeeds. Examples are shown below.


With a modest budget of less than $5,000, we reached almost 100,000 individuals five times over the 2020 primary election season. There were close to 14,000 clicks on the ads and our cost-per-click outperformed the AdStage Q1 2020 benchmark by 67%. Most importantly, we generated over 5,000 website visits and signed up 250 plus advocates to the movement.


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