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Advocating new, forward-looking business & societal ideas is hard. Emotive & performance driven campaigns in social and digital media can help effect the change you desire, confidently & measurably.
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Social and digital media is unarguably the greatest influence on citizens and consumers today. Welcomed or unwanted. Valued or scorned. It is a fact.

  • In North America, individuals spend 5 hours on the internet every day. (Statista 2020)
  • Half of this time is spent with social media specifically and 72% of all U.S. adults are social media users. (80% plus under 50 and 90% under 30) (GlobalWebIndex and Pew Research)
  • Ninety-nine percent of users access social media via mobile and they average 8.3 accounts on social media platforms. (Hootsuite)

At Fifth Influence, we embrace and seize this truth.

We help our clients compete in an era of “communication Darwinism” where eyeballs need to be won via six-second ads thumbed-through in a newsfeed on a 5-inch screen.

  • Over half of all online brand discovery happens in public social feeds. (Hootsuite)
  • The average Facebook user clicked on 12 ads in the last 30 days. (Hootsuite)
  • Weak social ads create negative emotional response in less than a second, before the viewer blinks.

Strong, successful digital and social media marketing and advertising is both emotive and performance driven. Creative must be impassioned and when appropriate even controversial. Video is the top media format in social media. Unlike broadcast though, affecting messages and stories must be told in 6 to 15-seconds or at least superbly tease a full narrative. In addition, the power of remarketing allows you to build your story over time in a serial fashion with those that engage.

Performance driven means analytically determined media planning and creative decisions. We arrange and manage media budgets just like mutual fund managers direct the investments in their funds. We continuously research, monitor, and assess our clients’ campaigns and efforts, frequently and rapidly moving dollars to the digital and social media platforms and vehicles that are delivering the greatest return at that time for the specific objective set. Additionally, we always start campaigns with A/B creative testing and consistently refine the creative with ongoing split testing, constantly analyzing a family of performance metrics. Split testing ads improves cost-per-acquisition by 72%. (Facebook)

Fifth Influence founder George Potts looking towards the sky.

Ok, you’re right, we got a bit in the weeds. We’re fanatical though about what we can do for you, with you, together. Advocating new, forward-looking business & societal ideas is hard. Emotive & performance driven campaigns in social & digital media can help effect the change you desire, confidently & measurably. We look forward to chatting with you about the possibilities. Thank you.

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Channel Specific Strategy & Planning

Distinct objectives & prioritized activities by each target audience segment in easy to digest placemat formats.
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Profile Creation & Branding

Launch or renew your social presence correctly and update it rapidly when user-interfaces are revised.
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Paid Campaign Mgmt, Optimization, & Reporting

A mutual fund mgmt approach where we move money in real-time to the channels delivering the best ROI for the objective.
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Research & Analysis

Social media listening & indexing, Facebook Library ad audits, search keyword trending, paid social message testing, website Google Analytics studies, etc., all enhance marketing message and plan development.
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Content Creation & Publishing

Publishing missions, content pillars, brand personas, long & short-form content, and analytically driven editorial calendars with post copy, images, & videos all optimized for individual platforms.
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Profile Monitoring & Community Management

Disciplined programs run using custom response rubrics and personalized replies that can meet regulatory and legal review reqs when necessary. Options span once a week checks to multiple reviews a day.
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Stay in front of those in your funnel. Increase your conversion rates by as much as 150% & decrease advertising costs by about half. Campaigns use email & paid social/digital retargeting.
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Websites, Landing Pages, SEO, & SEM

Successful campaigns require apt web experiences. If your user experience as well as SEO & Open Graph info is shit, then it’s all for not.
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Education, Coaching, and Consulting

When it comes to facets of digital & social media, it can be more beneficial for us to teach your team rather do it ourselves. Props Lao Tzu.

Your Collaboration With Fifth Influence Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our history. Rightfully, our communities and our nation as whole are taking extraordinary measures to combat the spread and impact of the corona virus pandemic. I sincerely hope that all of you are well and managing through the beginning of this crisis as best as possible both personally and professionally.

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Social Media

Facebook Changes The Remarketing Game, Lets Users Clear Internet Tracks

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook (FB), announced yesterday that all users globally now have the ability to clear their internet tracks.This is a BIG CHANGE and may significantly impact proven and effective remarketing efforts using the platform.

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Social Media

Twitter & Google: Issue & Political Advocacy Advertising Cheat Sheet

The fast changing and disparate policies on issue advocacy and political advertising across social platforms can be maddening. To help our clients, we produce cheat sheets on a regular basis to stay abreast of what is and what is not possible on specific social media networks.

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