Jan 29, 2020


Post by 
George Potts

ark Zuckerberg, Founder & CEO of Facebook (FB), announced yesterday that all users globally now have the ability to clear their internet tracks. Called the Off-Facebook Activity tool, a user can see a summary of the information businesses send Facebook from that user's activity on those respective websites and erase the history if they desire. See below.

Facebook's Off-Facebook Activity Tool

This is a BIG CHANGE and may significantly impact proven and effective remarketing efforts using the platform. If you are curious or not clear about how Facebook receives off-platform activity and how remarketing on the platform works, please review the simple explanation below..

Explanation of Off-Facebook Activity & Remarketing

We will keep tabs for news from FB on what percentage of users are clearing their internet tracks. Long term, this may lead to prioritizing in-platform engagement and video view time for remarketing over website activity. Remarketing on FB using abandoned conversions from website visits may be particularly hit hard. For example, remarketing strategies and tactics on Facebook based on half-finished contact forms, abandoned shopping carts, and incomplete donation transactions could become obsolete if a large percentage of users clear their off-Facebook histories. Stay tuned.