30 Seconds With Our Founder & President

Fifth Influence Founder & President, George Potts, interviewed on John Craig Media's "30 Seconds With" series.

Corona Virus

Your Collaboration With Fifth Influence Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our history. Business is changing dramatically for all of us. We are your partner. Our efforts on behalf of your business or organization will continue unhindered. We will not just maintain our collaboration with you during this difficult time we will strengthen it. Please click below and learn how we're changing our business operations to serve you during this crisis.


Facebook Changes The Remarketing Game, Lets Users Clear Internet Tracks

We review Facebook's announcement that users can now clear their internet tracks as well as explore the potential negative impact this will have on marketers, particularly regarding remarketing strategies and tactics.

Social Media Advertising

Twitter & Google: Issue & Political Advocacy Advertising Cheat Sheet

A one-page cheat sheet on Twitter and Google's issue advocacy and political advertising policies.

Professional Development

The Tricks of the Trade: Advice and Lessons on Becoming a Successful Digital Account Manager

Fifth Influence digital account managers, Catlin Clarke and Kelsey Connolly, talk about five behaviors necessary for success in their role.


Washington D.C., Nevada and Colorado Top Geolocations for U.S. Facebook Political Advertising

Washington D.C., Nevada and Colorado received the highest political advertising impressions on Facebook per capita according to NYU’s analysis of 1.44 billion impressions generated by 267,000 political ads. Fifth Influence reviews, examines why, and speculates about what we may see in the future.


President Trump & Beto O'Rourke Biggest Facebook Political Ad Spenders

President Trump and Congressman O’Rourke are the two biggest Facebook political ad spenders according to a recent New York University study that analyzed the platform's new US political ad archive. Fifth Influence examines these findings and provides a few important takeaways for issue advocacy and political campaign media strategists.