Feb 9, 2019


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elsey Connolly, Catlin's colleague and fellow Digital Account Manager, contributed to this post.

Be Able to Wear Multiple Hats
  • No, we’re not talking about fedoras, sombreros and ball caps. We are talking about successfully balancing multiple clients and multiple campaigns for intense periods of time.
  • Certain clients and campaigns require various platforms and different ideas. It’s important to adapt to the needs of each client throughout their campaigns.
  • There may be tasks assigned to you that aren’t necessarily in your job description. However, flexibility is expected. Accommodate and assist your colleagues with relative assignments at hand.
It’s Not All About What You Know, It’s Also About Who You Know
  • We are not charged with business development, but even as young professionals we realize everyone can pitch in on these efforts. Networking in particular is imperative and that is right up our alley. Attending networking/social events and getting involved in local organizations are fruitful in broadening our clientele.
  • The Pittsburgh Ad Federation in particular is a great way to get involved in meeting new people, as well as expand your knowledge on advertising and marketing trends. They host local events, hold meetings for members, and send compelling weekly newsletters keeping you up to date.
Stay Up to Date on Current Marketing Trends

Technology is constantly evolving and new interfaces are always being introduced. Therefore, being aware of these new happenings is crucial to successfully completing tasks, analyzing data and making work easier to manage. Purusing social platforms and digital marketing tool knowledge bases, while regularly reading industry periodicals from AdAge to Wired and Campaigns & Elections to Politico, as well as a host of others is the daily norm.

Check and Double Check, Then Check Again
  • Mistakes are a part of life--everyone makes them. But even the smallest mistake might cost a company in a big way. It is essential to be detail oriented and meticulous when running clients’ campaigns.
  • This isn’t a class or a simulation--this is the real world. Real money, real candidates’ campaigns are on the line, and it’s important to double-check your work. Ask your coworker or supervisor to check it over with a fresh pair of eyes if that’s what it takes to ensure accuracy.
Open Your Mind to New Possibilities

Yes, there are times when this job gets overwhelming and stressful. News flash: every job has those times. However, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. With a job like this, it’s important to stay positive and keep in mind that every step of the way is a new opportunity to learn something new! As long as you have a can-do mentality, you’re bound to succeed at Fifth Influence.